What is Proteomics?


Proteomics is the wide-ranging study of proteins. It usually contains the massive experimental analysis of proteins including protein purification and mass spectrometry. Proteomics is an interdisciplinary science which includes chemistry, biology and emerging scientific research. 

Why Proteome Study is Important?


 The usage of proteomics is significant since proteins are responsible for both the structure and the functions of all living creatures. Understanding the “proteoforms”, the expressed forms of proteins, the cellular phenotype, can help to define most physiology and disease states. Proteins make life and now we are studying life. 

What is Mass Spectrometry?


  Mass spectrometry is a major method for the accurate mass determination and characterization of proteins. Its applications have the identification of proteins and their post-translational modifications, the elucidation of protein complexes, their subunits and functional interactions, and the global measurement of proteins in proteomics. 

Why Use Mass Spectrometry?

Mass Spectrometry can localize proteins to the various organelles, and determine the interactions between different proteins and with membrane lipids. The advantages of mass spectrometry are high sensitivity, high mass accuracy, and more importantly, structural information. 

What is Delta Omics?


  Delta Omics is expert of Proteomics, with strong experienced scientists team and state-of-art instruments. We provide the customized proteomics strategy services to fit each of your experiment and have skilled data group to help your do the professional analysis work. 

Why choose Delta Omics?


Delta Omics has the excellent team can help you to design your customized experiment fits your own needs. Our outstanding research design and data analysis team can make your every of your complicated work much easier and more professional. 


Orbitrap mass analyzer

Advantages you may need to know


With the tendency of increasing complexity of molecules, mixtures and matrices, the demand for ruggedness, repeatability and reliability of all assays also increases rapidly from the analysts. 

Achieving high resolution is significant for applications. The interesting analytes of any complex matrices’ samples, at the same time contain some background icons as well. As a result, high selectivity will be urgently needed to achieve the confident quantitation analysis. In this way, Orbitrap Mass Analyzers provide the high-resolution capabilities that can meet the demand of separating the compounds of interest and the background icons.

What’s more, screening the targeted analytes and the unknows ones initiatively can be also used in various applications, like the detection of residual pesticides within food, the analysis of contaminants in water, the study of abusing drugs in forensic toxicology as well as the enhancing drugs in sports anti-doping in the field of drug development and clinical researching.


There are other advantages of Mass Spectrometry technology:

· Sensitivity – the ability to detect low-level signals

· Selectivity – the ability to separate the target analytes from the background icons

· Flexibility – the ability to detect all kinds of sample types and matrices

· Time saving – the ability to address requirements efficiently

· Reliability – the ability to be robust for everyday use and ensuring high repeating  results

· Low cost margin – the ability to reduce the cost of analysis per sample

· Adapting future analytical demand – the ability to meet users’ expertise level by meeting different                                                                               level of requirements 

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